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Package Includes One Scorpion

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Package Includes One Scorpion

People all over the world eat bugs yet many people here are downright afraid to try them. LIL BUGZ is here to help people overcome their unwarranted cultural fear.

People have been eating bugs since forever because they are packed with very bio-available protein including all essential amino acids. They’re a good source of iron, calcium, zinc, B12, and an ideal Omega 3:6 ratio along with being a pre-biotic fiber (nutrition for probiotics) and 3x more antioxidants than orange juice.

Today, many brave and adventurous people are discovering that edible insects are a healthy, sustainable, and humane food source.

Our small edible creatures include insects, spiders and worms. Some are chocolate-covered and others salted. Including worms, grasshoppers, scorpions, salted dehydrated tarantulas and more! Visit our Insects page to browse our selection of edible insects.

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